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Day of Reflection: "Balancing Archetypes in Spiritual Direction"

Chicago Area Spiritual Directors (C.A.S.D.)

Thursday, November 7th, 2019. 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Carmelite Retreat Center, Darien, IL

Info: Roz Camardella, rosalindcamardella@gmail.com

Whether you are conscious of this or not, you are driven or guided by inner forces or archetypes, universal patterns of behavior that occur in the world’s myths and literature. Familiar patterns include: the hero, inner child, leader, teacher, warrior, adventurer, and caregiver. When these archetypes are in balance, they function as guides, helping you become your best self. However, when one archetype is absolutely dominant, it can become tyrannical, even destructive, to yourself and others.

Find out how to identify and de-code the archetypes you live by and assess whether they are trustworthy guides or out-of-control tyrants. Gain an ability to assess how you can best find balance by cultivating new archetypes—some archetypes may need to become more active while others may need to lessen their grip. Balancing your archetypes helps you achieve greater inner harmony and positive outcomes for successful living to deepen your understanding of yourself and others.


Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT)

October 15th-November 26th, 2019 

5:00-6:30 p.m. CST


The imagination is one of the “places” where we encounter God and Self in powerful ways; it is in this sanctuary that we can listen most attentively, feel most deeply, be most creative and receive  the greatest clarity. For many, however, accessing this dimension of Self is a challenge. Our rational self tells us that journeying into the imagination is child’s play; or fear convinces us that the imagination is filled with terrifying specters that could turn our lives upside down. Instead of taking the mysterious journey inwards, we remain on the surface, satisfied with what is safe, rote and predictable. However, if we are seeking Spiritual Awakening, either for ourselves or for our coaching clients, imagery is the perfect tool to make this happen!

This course is designed specifically for Life Coaches so that you can learn to use aspects of Image Guidance in all forms of coaching, from spiritually-based coaching to executive coaching; it offers another “coaching tool” which you can use for accessing the imagination and for guiding clients in a way that is both safe, appropriate and enlightening. Though I initially created Image Guidance as a therapeutic tool, I have since adapted it for coaching contexts and this will be our focus. Coaching applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping clients identify and describe emotions such as fear, frustration,      excitement, enthusiasm;
  • Assisting clients to identify and name “blocks” to their success, thereby reducing their negative energy, allowing clients to become unstuck;
  • Assisting clients to imagine new possibilities and outcomes and to work towards specific goals;
  • Helping clients to prioritize, take action and evaluate;
  • Affirming clients’ hopes and dreams while re-enforcing their belief in self;
  • Encouraging clients to accept new positions of leadership or areas of professional or personal responsibility etc.

Imagery and Spiritual Awakening will involve lectures, readings and discussions, instructor-led model sessions of Image Guidance, student practice, as well as the evaluation of brief student transcripts.  We will be using my book, Mind-Shifting Imagery: Image Guidance for Life Coaches as our primary text; my earlier works, Image Guidance: A Tool for Spiritual Direction (Paulist Press, 1992) and Image Guidance and Healing (Paulist Press, 1994) will be additional resources. This course demonstrates brief, safe imagery interventions that life coaches, spiritual directors, chaplains and pastoral counselors can use to advance their clients' agenda.

ICF-approved for ten CEU’S, this course is designed specifically for Life Coaches/ Spiritual Directors; it will involve lectures, readings and discussions, sessions of Image Guidance conducted by both instructor and students; and evaluation of student transcripts. 

Link to  video about Image Guidance course. (please note that dates mentioned in the video refer to a previous course)