Since 1980, I have given many presentations and workshops in Catholic dioceses, parishes, and academic settings, as well as to special interest groups. I am available for lectures, experiential workshops, faculty in services, ministry formation, mornings of reflection, preaching, story telling, poetry readings and "inner health days" for corporations. Some of the sites that have hosted my seminars include:

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS:  Illinois Job Corps,Chicago, IL; Chicago Board of Education, Chicago, IL; DePaul University, Chicago, IL;  Catholic Theological Union (CTU), Chicago, IL; Lutheran School of Theology (LSTC), Chicago, IL; University of Malta, MALTA; Mundelein College, Chicago, IL; St. Xavier University, Chicago, IL; Express-Ways Children’s Museum, Chicago, IL ; Robert Morris  University, Chicago, IL; USDA Office of Audit Educational Division Chicago, IL; St Gregory High School, Chicago, IL; Metcalfe Magnet School, Chicago, IL; Morgan Park Academy, Chicago, IL; and Lane Technical College Prep High School, Chicago, IL.

HEALTH CARE INSTITUTIONS:  Resurrection Health Care System, IL; Polinsky Rehabilitation Center, Duluth, MN; Illinois Nurses Association, Chicago, IL; National Association of Christian Therapists, Fort Mitchell, KY; American Association for the Study of Mental Imagery, Chicago, IL; Mercy Hospital, Chicago, IL; Little Company of Mary Hospital, Oak Lawn, IL; Wellness Center,, Arlington Heights, IL; C.G. Jung Institute, Evanston, IL; North Shore Senior Center, Skokie, IL…

CHRISTIAN COMMUNITIES: Catholic Community of Aviano Air Force Base, ITALY; Parliament of the World’s Religions, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA and Barcelona, SPAIN; Daughters of Charity, Evansville, IN; Congregation of St. Agnes, Fond du Lac, WI; Benedictine Conference Centre, Cullman, AL; Contemplative Outreach, Birmingham, AL; Franciscan Retreat House, Tampa, FL; Pallotti Center, Elkhorn, WI; The Benedictine Spirituality Center, Richardton, ND; Gethsemani Abbey, KY; St Charles Center, Romeoville, IL; Center for Development in Ministry, Mundelein, IL; St. Mary’s Church, Kenosha, WI; St. Scholastica Monastery, Duluth, MN; The St. Charles Center, Diocese of St. Charles, LA; Queen’s Retreat House, Saskatoon, CANADA; Holy Rosary Catholic Community, WI; Kordes Enrichment Center, Ferdinand, IN; Warrenville Cenacle, Warrenville, IL; St. Christopher Parish, Indianapolis, IN; Diaconate, Archdiocese of Chicago, Chicago, IL; Morgan Park Baptist Church, Chicago, IL; Young Adult Ministry Office, Archdiocese of Chicago, Chicago, IL; Carmelite Spirituality Center, Chicago, IL; Diocese of Bismark, ND; Archdiocese of Milwaukee, WI; Diocese of Superior,WI; Diocese of Joliet, IL; Diocese of Lafayette, LA; Our Lady of the Mountains, Sierra Vista, AZ…

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A compelling presentation is not about the speaker but about the audience. Whenever I receive an invitation to speak at an event, my first concern is "WHO is going to show up" and  "WHAT do they need"? My repertoire is as vast as the needs of my audience; my goal is to deliver an experience, not re-hash material I have used since the Dark Ages!


Examples of Keynote Addresses

 “The Art of Sacred Listening.” National Association of Catholic Chaplains, LaGrange, Illinois, March 16th, 2018.

The Call to the Spiritual Journey. Association of Christian Therapists, International Conference, KY, September 30, 2004.

Prodigal Father, Persistent Mother. Catholic Diocese of Lexington, KY; Catechetical Conference. August 28, 1999.

Celebrating Women's Gifts in a Patriarchal World. Catholic Diocese of Lafayette, LA. February 1, 1998.

Following Jesus: From Terror to Transformation on the Spiritual Journey. Association of Christian Therapists, International Conference, Mundelein, IL. September 20, 1997.

Women's Sacred Quest. DePaul University's Women's Spirituality Conference. May 1997.

Prophetic Ministry: Its Hazards and Blessings. Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, Social Care Ministry Conference, Schaumburg, IL. February 2, 1992

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Keynote Addresses are more of a challenge than regular presentations. They not only introduce the theme of what is to follow, but they also set the tone for the meeting, conference or other types of gatherings. Again, my goal is to deliver an experience that is inspirational, informational, and, ultimately, motivational!


Examples of Major Presentations

“Preaching and Teaching Laudato Si.” Society of Christian Doctrine, Malta, Europe, August 2016.

"Laudato Si' and the Sanctity of Sycamore Seeds.” Thomas Merton Society, Chicago. November 15th, 2015. 

Healing Presence: ​Ministering to those in Darkness. Resurrection Health Care Spiritual Care Week, Resurrection Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, October 28th-29th, 2010.

Psalms of Lament. National Association of Catholic Chaplains, Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, IL, August 29th, 2009.

Holy Foolishness: A Christology For the New Millennium. Parliament of the World's Religions, Cape Town, South Africa. December 4th, 1999.

Image Guidance and Spiritual Direction. Spiritual Directors International, National Conference, Kansas City, MO. April 1993.

Androcentric Language and the Liturgical Psalter: Translation Considerations and Inclusive Language. University of Malta, Europe. December 12, 1996.

Mysticism and Encounters with the Beloved. Ekklesia, Oak Park, IL. March 31, 1993.

From Center to Circumference: God's Place in the Circle of Self. Archdiocese of Chicago, Office for Young Adult Ministry. August 3-6, 1997. 

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My task as a speaker is to engage my audience in such a way that they engage with their deepest selves. I don't  show up with a script (occasionally, I do have notes and handouts); but I prefer to speak from the heart, sharing knowledge that has come through prayer and lived experience. God does the rest.


Examples of Workshops

Creative Vision and the Gaming Industry: Workshop #1: Game Design for the Contemporary Market; Workshop #2: Creating Authentic Game Scenarios, Workshop #3: Innovations in Gaming for 2022. St. Martin’s Institute of Technology, Malta, Europe:July, 2012.

The Hero Quest. St. Anne’s Church, Barrington, Illinois, October 2012.

Connecting Body-Mind-Spirit: a Workshop of Integration and Healing. Archdiocese of Chicago, Office of the Diaconate. October 16, 1999.

Heart Centered Ways of Approaching Scripture. St. Scholastica Priory, Duluth, MN. March 19-23,1997.

Image Guidance: Training Sessions for Spiritual Directors and Therapists. St. Scholastica Priory, Duluth, MN. March 19-23, 1997.

Jesus the Holy Fool: An Archetypal Study of the Gospel Jesus and its Implications for Spirituality and Ecclesiology. Innermission Spirituality Group, Naperville, IL. March 12, 1997.

A Morning of Reflection on Prayer. Archdiocese of Chicago, Office of the Diaconate, May 12, 1996.

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Workshops are meant to be "fun" while teaching  "something" via practical exercises. My workshops involve the whole self, often drawing on self-assessment, the arts, movement, role play, meditation, guided imagery, and even seemingly silly activities like peeling an orange or practicing mindful walking! I love to learn and observe, along with everyone else!