To the Quest for the Holy

Spiritual Direction/ Christian Retreats

Spiritual Direction involves sacred listening.

Connect more deeply with your Divine Source and discover your deepest, most authentic self.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a process of exploration.

Journey  beyond limitation and embrace the Possible! Explore Vision & Mission,  and create an extraordinary life based on authenticity, consciousness and compassion.

Imagery & Healing

Our imagery can heal us physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Imagine yourself into Wellness and let your own images guide and heal you. Use imagery for pain management and preparing for unpleasant medical procedures.

Sunday BibleTalk

Scripture reflections  and homily aids based on the Sunday liturgical texts.

Read contemporary Scripture Reflections based on the Sunday liturgical readings.


Books written by Elizabeth-Anne Stewart, AKA Elizabeth-Anne Vanek

Browse through my books on Imagery and Healing, Scripture, Theology, Poetry and Spirituality.


Videos, interviews, video commentaries.

Watch my  Scripture Commentaries and videos on Spiritual Direction, Life Coaching, Spirituality and other topics.