Life Coaching

Embracing Possibility

What's on your mind today? What is pre-occupying you, energizing you or demoralizing you? Is your present situation holding you back, or allowing you to grow? Are you stuck in a "past tense reality," or dare you dream of a newer, brighter future? Do you need a rocket-ship to get there, or just a little more insight, reflection, and a flexible action plan?

A Board Certified Life Coach (BCC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with over 30 years' experience in offering inner guidance,  I'm committed to helping you examine the gap between where you are today and where you dream of being tomorrow. Together we will take an inventory of your current reality, identifying areas of strength as well as disappointments and frustrations; together we will set Life Coaching goals and aim for the possible -- however improbable that may seem! If you decide to work with me, mediocrity, "getting by" and simply surviving are not options!

As a Life Coach, I consider the ideal client to be somebody who is ready to embrace change so as to live more fully. Whether you are an individual, a couple or a team, I can help you assess "The Wheel of Life" or a specific aspect of your life; I work with people committed to having stronger relationships, better communication skills, more successful businesses, more fulfilling careers, healthier lifestyles, deeper spirituality, and more creative retirements.

Life Coaching is not therapy. It is not about "fixing" individuals or institutions; rather, it is about helping clients make powerful choices which will benefit themselves, their colleagues, their loved ones, and, ultimately, the world. Life Coaching is not about what has happened in the past, but about the future you dream of living. I am ready to work with you in person or by Zoom; I am also available to work with churches, schools, corporations and specialty groups. 



Change your mind and change your life!  Transformation always begins with the awareness of self-imposed limits and external limits, with the desire to move into a healthier, happier future. This involves "waking up" and daring to leave your comfort zone; it means claiming your gifts while facing your Shadow, that side of you that you may have neglected, ignored or repressed.

                   LEAVE BEHIND


                    OF YOUR MIND

               AND FIND INSIGHT!

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Joe's Story
I am a Permanent Deacon in the Catholic Church. Currently, I serve in the Diocese of Joliet.  Since 2004, the year of my Ordination by Cardinal Francis George, Elizabeth-Anne Stewart has been my homiletics coach.  Under Dr. Stewart’s guidance, I have moved beyond using Homily Aids to creating my own sermons based on my personal life experience. Now that I have found my own unique“voice,” I get a lot of positive feedback after Sunday Mass because people love my stories and can identify with what I have to say. For example, this past weekend I preached about the Good Shepherd, and was encouraged by Dr. Stewart to include a personal note of my recent graduation in Clinical Pastoral Education as part of my training to become a hospital chaplain. When our congregation heard of my accomplishment, they gave me a standing ovation, including the Pastor presiding at Mass. In addition, I have gained confidence and volume as a public speaker. Never much of an extrovert, I am now entirely comfortable behind a podium and am moving towards becoming “manuscript free.”  Another positive development is that I have just published a collection of spiritual reflections for use in hospital and prison ministry -- Deacon Joe's Musings: A Spiritual Resource for those who are Shut In or Locked Up and their Chaplains!

Deacon Joe  McDonnell                                     
Chaplain-Intern, Riverside Medical Center, Kankakee, IL  

Dolores' Story

During my last position, Elizabeth was such a supportive companion. She assisted me for several years to clarify the situations in my work life and my personal life that were stressful. She remains an example of faith and integration in the many transitions that I experience with each passing year. Choosing her for your life coach would give you a supportive presence as you work through possible strategies to move forward on your journey with purpose and integrity.

Dolores L., Chicago, IL

Al's Story

Dr. Stewart  has helped me achieve greater balance at work and home by helping me examine areas of satisfaction in my life right now as well as ways of increasing my personal time. She has helped me identify my core values and my hopes and dreams for the future.

Al S., Glenview, IL

Pamela's Story

As a busy professional trying hard to complete my Masters in Divinity while moving towards ordination, I have needed to assess whether there is room for romance in my current situation. With Elizabeth's encouragement, I have been able to prioritize without ignoring the yearnings of my heart.

Pamela P., Evanston, IL 

Dot's Story

When I approached retirement several years ago, Elizabeth  worked with me to examine my living situation and to imagine what it would be like to move to downtown Chicago, to be closer to family and friends, as well as to all the activities offered by city life. With her help, I took a serious look at my commitments and began to streamline them so they worked for me. As a result of our working together, I now have a healthier lifestyle, more energy and certainly more fun than when I was overextended.  Her gifts such as hopefulness, steadfastness, intuitiveness, enthusiasm and prayerfulness are all right there as she listens with an open heart.  

Dot D., Chicago, IL


Coaching Welcome Package

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