About Me


Having been delivered
from the dark places
on eagle's wings,
I commit myself
to helping others discover
their own eagle-energy...

Having received the gifts
of Image Guidance
and flights of poetry,
I commit myself
to empowering others
   to recognize their own gifts...

Having been grasped
by Love beyond all telling,
I commit myself
to serving that Love,
    wherever it may take me...​ 


Spiritual Guidance for the C21st

Inner Guidance

What are the questions you are asking right now? What makes sense or no longer has relevance? What is creating comfort or discord in your life? What still really matters or has ceased to be important? Do your core beliefs still "work" for you, or are you exploring a broader spiritual universe? Does this universe excite you or terrify you? These questions have no easy answers; the Good News is that you can venture into unchartered territory through Life Coaching or through Spiritual Direction -- I offer both!

The deepest dimension of Self manifests when we lovingly accept our inter-connection with all living beings, as well as with the Earth which is our home. When we learn to see ourselves as  mirrors of the Divine, as bearers of the Divine Breath and as sparks of the Divine Fire, then we live differently. Gone are the old habits, the unsuccessful ways of navigating through complexities, the repeated errors of judgment, the narrow ways of viewing others, the limited imagination and the heresy of negative thinking. Instead, all things are possible: walls tumble down, bridges extend across chasms, ladders rise heavenwards, and we are gifted with epiphanies, great and small.

Whether working with groups or individuals, my goal is to assist clients tap into the extraordinary capacities within.  As a  Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, Mentor Coach, Writing Coach, Retreat Facilitator and Motivational Speaker, I will share with you what I've learned in more than thirty-five years of inner exploration. Clients have included authors, artists, clergy, graduate students,  secular and religious institutions, CEO's, small business owners and clients "in transition."   I am available to meet with you or your group in person, or else to work with you via conference call or Zoom.

The Road Less Traveled

"The task of the Spiritual Seeker

 is to see beyond the 100,000  veils which separate us from Ultimate Mystery." 

Much of my work has been with  those in leadership positions, especially life coaches, educators and religious professionals. I work with individuals and teams so that they can work most effectively with their constituents. 

My ideal client is someone who wants to reach for the stars but needs a little encouragement getting there!

As a Life Coach, Spiritual Director and Writing Coach, I especially enjoy Mentor Coaching as this is one way of "paying forward" the gifts I have received. I also work with coaches who are in a certification process or who dream of writing their first book!


My Story in a Nutshell

Born in England and raised both in England and on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, I have always been a leader with multiple interests, inexhaustible energy and a delight in creativity. I love people and especially enjoy the roles of teacher and guide; nothing pleases me more than to be the midwife of an "Ah Ha" moment, a catalyst for meaningful change and for a growth in awareness. ​As a faculty member at DePaul University, I was known as "The Great Motivator," a quality that to this day remains the hallmark of my Life Coaching and of other areas of professional life. I like to think of myself as constantly engaged in the Transformation of Consciousness -- both my own and that of others. 

Academic Background

Over the years, I have collected a variety of degrees and certificates: a B.A. (Hons.) in English from the University of Malta (1973); an M.A. (Summa Cum Laude) in English from DePaul University, Chicago (1976); a D.Min. in Poetry from the Graduate Theological Foundation, Indiana (1989); a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Claret Center, Chicago (1989); a Ph.D. in Theology from the University of Malta (1999). In 2010, I completed a Dip. (TM) TESOL, Eurolink/ Dip. CoT (TESOL), U.K. becoming a Fellow of The College of Teachers. I am also a Board Certified Life Coach (BCC) and am credentialed by The International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).


Private practice as Spiritual Director, Life Coach, Writing Coach, Mentor Coach, etc.

 * On faculty at the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT)

 * On faculty at Roosevelt University, Chicago

 * On faculty at St. Xavier University, Chicago

Professional Memberships

 ICF:   International Coach Federation                  

 SDI:   Spiritual Directors International

 PPA:  Professional Photographers of America

Professional Interests

Over the years, my range of interests has included  teaching, spiritual direction, retreats, life coaching, writing coaching, public speaking coaching, relationship coaching, healing with the imagination, photography, wedding officiating, motivational seminars and teaching Argentine Tango! Each of these seemingly unrelated activities demands full active listening, mindfulness, responsive presence, and positive regard for the client; the breadth and depth of these interests require flexibility, creativity and ongoing learning— all invaluable skills for any spiritual guide!