Spiritual Direction

Tending to the Spirit

Introductory Video:

Learn the difference between Spiritual Direction and Life Coaching (Please note that the video was made to promote a course that has already taken place): 


Have you ever felt lost in life or alone? Has work become an ongoing source of tension, or a hostile environment? Are you recovering from a previous relationship or from a soul-destroying marriage? Are you looking for new ways of deepening your relationship with God or for new ways of praying? Are you in need of spiritual renewal? Are you re-examining vocational choices or considering a new direction in life? Are you battling serious illness or accompanying loved ones who are chronically or terminally ill? If so, you may benefit from working with a spiritual director.


My mission is that of transformation, a journey that always begins with the Self, with recognizing self-imposed  limits and external limits, with the desire to move forwards into a healthier, happier, God-centered future. This involves "waking up" and daring to leave one's comfort zone; it means letting go of all that previously defined us, and surrendering to the Divine Embrace. There and there alone, resting in the Heart of God, will we find ultimate happiness.  

A contemplative Catholic, I primarily work with Christians but companion people from every Faith as well as those without a formal religious affiliation. My specialties include the mystical journey, the symbolic imagination and navigating transitions, whether welcome or unwelcome! 

A spiritual guide with over thirty years’ experience , I also offer retreats, workshops and seminars on spiritual topics, locally, nationally and internationally. The founder of Walking to Emmaus, a Christian Spiritual Direction training and formation program sponsored by the Archdiocese of Chicago (1992-97), I am a member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI) and have presented at both regional and national SDI conferences. Specialties include the Christian journey, imagery & healing, the mythic imagination, mystical consciousness,  scripture, body-mind-spirit connections, dreams, spirituality & the arts, and issues of social justice.

My Spiritual Direction practice includes traditional one-on one work both with Christians and with people from all faith traditions. My task is to listen and to help you to listen to your own deepest self; my role is to serve as companion by offering encouragement, understanding and guidance, when necessary. I will never impose my agenda upon you or push you into decisions which you yourself have not made. I am ready to pray with you, if that is what you want, or simply to observe a few moments of silence. 

Typically, I meet with clients once a month for an hour; for those unable to meet with me in person, I also offer Spiritual Direction by telephone or Zoom. This is useful for people with tight schedules or for those who live out of state or even out of the country. Those who opt for this format may choose to have an initial "in person" session with me, if circumstances permit, or to alternate between "face to face" sessions and virtual sessions. Please contact me to explore whether I am the right companion for your spiritual journey at this time in your life!

Image Guidance & Spiritual Direction

Though "listening"  is the main way I provide spiritual care, on some occasions, with a client's permission, I use imagery as a means of finding clarity or moving forwards. You can learn more about my technique from this ILCT course description (please note that the dates mentioned are for a past course):